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Band created by Irie Souljah, singer and songwriter deeply influenced by jamaican music of the 70's, 80's and 90's. He's accompained by Indra Vila, a drummer that has refined his style with the master Style Scott (drummer and founding member of Roots Radics), Màrius Alfambra on the guitar, formed in styles like soul and jazz, Pau Dangla, pianist of clasical training, Alejandro Camacho, autodidact bassist, Eric Vidal, percussionist formed in Cuba, Josep Blanes, trombonist, Carlos Santos on alt sax and Gerard Casajús (Chalart 58), experienced musician, ingenieer and producer.

Mystic Souldiers was born in 2009 with the idea of continuing with the legacy of some of the best bands in jamaican music history like The Wailers, Roots Radics, Black Uhuru or Aswad. This catalan band wants to offer to the audience quality reggae, with no fusions, roots and dub without concessions.
They are shown with a solid and forceful live, where the drums and the bass became one thing and bind to perfection with the guitar syncopation, the keyboards and the sweet harmonies of the wings, and here, Irie Souljah is the guide in this musical trip. We dont forget the contribution of Gerard Casajús (Chalart 58) that gives the final colors with his “Dubs” full of echos, reverbs and delays.

With a conscious message and protest in many cases, the songs and his lyrics wants to reflect the reality that the world is living.

In the last years, this band have been taking experience in many diferent stages, featuring some legends of jamaican music like Israel Vibration, The Pioneers or Abyssinians.

During 2012 grows the necesity to put into a record all the experiences lived for these years. At the begining of 2013 the band publishes his first EP formed by 4 tunes and 4 “Dubs” where Roberto Sánchez, a big reference of the “Roots Reggae” has done de mixes and the finishing touches.

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